'Back Then' scores many hits on Facebook

Earlier this summer, the society stepped up its use of Facebook as a way to communicate our mission to the North Penn Area residents.

Three or four installments of a new feature entitles "Back Then" combines a vintage photo with caption information as seen in the example below. Some of the entries have been viewed by more than 3,000 Facebook followers.

Check out "Back Then" by simply Googling "Facebook/Lansdale Historical Society".



How could we take a trip back in the time without stopping at the R&S Dinin on Route 309 in Unionville? It was one of those places where high school kids, truckers, night shift workers, early risers, salespeople - well almost everyone - would rub elbows at the worn-bare Formica counter.
Never mond that some called it a "greasy spoon" or they complained about the potholes in the parking lot, the R&S-Unionville was a local institution. I can still taste the hot roast beef sandwich with fries and a wedge of lettuce smothered in R&S dressing - all for 85 cents.

[IMAGE: outside of diner]