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150 years ago - October, 1856 - the North Penn Railroad established a junction at what was to become Lansdale. In just a few years a town was born and the landscape of the region was changed forever.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10, Preview of the upcoming Holiday History Tour

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, Hosiery Mills of Lansdale [DVD]

Buildings that once housed Lansdale's two largest hosiery mills - Dexdale and Interstate - are now being converted into condominiums. Return to the days when hosiery was one of the town's most successful industries.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2, Third Annual Holiday History Tour

The tour features five distinctive homes located through out the borough and the chapel at Saint Mary Manor.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, Tales of the Titanic

Historical researcher and lecturer, Bonnie L. Bachman will describe the legends surrounding some of the liner's unfortunate passengers.

TUESDAY, MARCH 13, Going to Market [DVD]

From the area's earliest days as a village to the present, the town's merchants have been putting food on the tables of area residents. Starting with long-forgotten general stores of the mid-1800's, grocery shopping has come a long way from its humble beginnings to the supermarket chains of today.

TUESDAY, APRIL 10, Historical Society's Annual Banquet.

This will be held at the William Penn Inn starting at 6:00 pm. The highlight will be the presentation of the third annual Edwin G. Holl Historic Achievement Award to a worthy member of the community.

TUESDAY, MAY 8, Then You Saw It ... Now You Don't

Out final program of the season will be a photographic retrospective of how the Lansdale region has been altered over the decades, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst.