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2008-2009 Community Programs

*TUESDAY, SEPT. 9: World War I Traveling Trunk Show

This program features Janeal Jaroh, education curator of the Cumberland County Historical Society. An award-winning, hands-on presentation of artifacts from the World War I period that better explains how technological advancement reshaped the battlefield and dramatically increased death counts in “The War to End All Wars.

*TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14: The Legacies of Dr. Frank Boston

Elm Terrace (North Penn) Hospital and the Volunteer Medical Service Corps grew from the foresight and determination of their founding physician.

*TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11: All Hail the Trolley

During the first half of the 20th century, trolleys were a convenient and inexpensive alternative to trains in the North Penn region. Then along came the car.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6: Fifth Annual Holiday History Tour (9:30 am - 4:00 pm)

The tour begins at the Jenkins Homestead.

*TUESDAY, JANUARY 13: Culture Comes to Lansdale

Back as far as the late 19th century, community leaders recognized the need to promote music, the arts and other forms of entertainment in our town.

*TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10: Men in Blue

Local law enforcement had very humble beginnings. We trace the changes as the region’s population increased and share some tales of those entrusted with keeping the peace.

*TUESDAY, MARCH 10: Then You Saw It, Now You Don’t – Part 3

This is the latest installment in our popular Then-and-Now photo series - with a special twist this year.

TUESDAY, APRIL 21: Annual Banquet

The highlight of the evening is the presentation of the Fifth Annual Edwin G. Holl Historic Achievement Award. William Penn Inn (6:00 pm). Please note the date change to the third Tuesday of the month.

*TUESDAY, MAY 12: The Hatfields

Our season finale is a tribute to our neighbors to the northeast. We trace the histories of Hatfield Township and Borough, using commentary and a video presentation to underscore the many changes that have taken place in these communities over the years.

*These programs will be held at the Lansdale Parks and Recreation Building, Seventh St. and Lansdale Ave., beginning at 7:30 pm. No admission charge; donations are greatly appreciated.