Lansdale Historical Society

Research Center

Research Center

This is the building adjacent to the Jenkins Homestead, which was acquired and made available to the Society by the Borough of Lansdale several years ago. Up until that time, it had been a private residence with four garages on the first level. 

Since it was acquired, much work went into the plans for modifying it to be suitable for the Research Center, with Joseph J. DelCiotto, Jr, AIA, of North Wales, PA being engaged as the architect.

The society's board of directors decided in July of 2003 to commit $25,500 toward the renovation of the research center. The money supplemented the $200,000 state grant that Lansdale Borough and the society received last year.  The board approved the additional funding so that all of the basic work on the building could be completed at one time, saving time and money, and eliminating the need for future disruptions.

The $25,500 investment represented approximately half of the society's reserve funds, leaving just enough money to deal with routine and emergency expenses.  While the extra money ensures that the research center will get off to a good start, several important projects and purchases must be put on hold until the reserve can be replenished.

The Museum Room

A room that would feature display cabinets containing local memorabilia was dropped from the original renovation plans because of cost. As you can see from the photos, the room - a former garage, and now very much cluttered will remain unfinished for the time being.

Articles and Photos from remodeling: