Lansdale Historical Society

Student Outreach

Dick Shearer making a presentation to school childrenOne of the missions of the Lansdale Historical Society is to promote local history in our schools. With that in mind, we have initiated a visitation program to local elementary schools that features a look back at what life was life for children growing up in this area a century ago.

The program, which varies in length between 45 and 90 minutes attempts to engage pupils in the concept of growing up in 1905 when many of today’s conveniences did not exist. As part of the presentation, students are given copies of “then and now” photographs from their communities and a map so they can visit the sites with their parents. It gives them the opportunity to see how things changed in some cases, but in others how the landscape and the buildings survived the passing of time. The students are encouraged to create their own personal histories that they can pass them along to their children and grandchildren - just as their parents and grandparents now tell them stories about their childhoods.

The society offers these programs free of charge to local schools and will adapt them to any age group.