Lansdale Historical Society

Volunteers are making a difference

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Ray Walton and Clarence Kinsey work together organize the thousands of photographs, negatives, slides, and postcards that have been donated to the society over the years. Photographic materials are documented in a database, where information is recorded about each. The database is a gigantic help in locating images in the collection, so that research can be performed in less time for both visitors and community programs.

Marti Drumheller Marti Drumheller is not only a historian, but also a research specialist who can find nearly anything. She has worked to compile some of the community programs the Society holds at the Lansdale Parks and Recreation Building. One of her greatest challenges has been the making the Revolutionary War Encampment held on June 10, 2006 possible.

Steve Moyer Steve Moyer, is the jack of all technology trades. He is responsible for compiling all the community programs. He has a vast photo library and his ability to bring them, as well as those he digs out of the archives, to life is without equal. Not only that, but he delivers his material at the meetings in both an interesting and humorous way.

Janice Bennett, our resident genealogist, continues to service public requests through our files, the Internet, and by visits to other historic libraries in the greater Philadelphia area.

Richard Stricker

Richard Stricker, tracks down families and obituaries using our resources and his large network of contacts.

Jill Giuliano Jill Giuliano is our resident database entry person. Working with Janice Bennett and Marti Drumheller, she is establishing a database of all obituaries appearing in the The Reporter.


Annette Krimm is in charge of membership, acquisitions, and dozens more tasks that she mastered during her years as president of the society.

Frank Krimm Frank Krimm is our building maintenance expert. If there's a problem, we call Frank because he knows how to fix it or how to find someone who can. Like Annette, he willingly accepts many tasks to helps keep operations moving smoothly.

Anne Scheuring Anne Scheuring is our Treasurer. In addition, she also volunteers to serve as hostess for any number of Society functions. In 2005, she and her husband, Ed, made their home available as one of the stops on the Holiday History Tour, where many in the community were treated to a delightful visit.

Linda Evans

Linda Evans serves as one of the Society's Research Specialists. She can often be found in the second floor library, cataloguing or organizing the books or scouring the material for sought after information.

Ron Richhart, is the curator of the Exhibit Room, and he also has spent endless hours exploring and cataloging the material in the attic of the Homestead.

Larry O'Malley had the inspiration to create this website in December 2003, and has maintained it since. Larry also contributes with grant seeking efforts.

Dwight Bennett Dwight Bennett, Janice's son is the technology administrator, providing support for the society's computer resources. He is a senior at Pennsylvania College of Technology, in the Network Specialist program. Dwight was quite instrumental in wiring the new Research Center during remodeling.

Carol Delvishio Carol Delvishio also serves as one of the Society's Research Specialists. Besides keeping things organized in the library, she searches newspaper for relevant clippings and compiles them so they can be readily found in the future.


Many others have stepped forward to help us serve the community and they will be recognized in future editions of the Jenkins Journal.